Kitaibel Pal Elementary School Harkany and Ivana Brlić – Mažuranić Elementary School Orahovica started their collaboration in 1987. .

Teacher Blaženka Novotny, the enthusiast and the leader of the scouts of Orahovica, met the leader of the pioneers of the Siklos district, teacher Đurđica Radosnai, and they initiated collaboration of their schools.
The first encounter of the students from Orahovica and students from Hungary happened at the international meeting of pioneers in Sikonda (Komlo) in 1987. There were students from several Hungarian, Bulgarian and Finnish schools, but a special connection was made between our two groups and our collaboration continued for decades.

In addition to the joint camps in Hungary, every summer the students from both schools spent time in scout camps in Brodarica, on the Adriatic coast.
1989. In 1989, a camp was organized again for our students on Lake Balaton, in Fonyodliget, where over a thousand of Hungarian students participated, and the only foreign participants were students of our school.
At the beginning, the encounters were organized twice a year, and later the visits were organized as part of celebration of the Day of school.

Our collaboration was briefly interrupted by the Homeland War. After the war, the collaboration was re-established and our meetings continued.
Despite the language barrier, our students bonded and teaching staffs socialized, and our collaboration was based on the idea of a ”universal language”’, that is music, dance groups, and sports competitions.
Guided by this particular idea, in 2011 the teachers and principals of the two schools conceived a cross-border collaboration project called ”CMS together’.
Through six student encounters (three on each side of the border) and a symposium of teachers on Lake Balaton, we brought together those features that connect our schools – culture, music and sports.